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Crossfire Hack Tool

Crossfire Hack Free Download

Crossfire Hack


After too many requests of our current users and other visitors we are finally introducing a working hack tool for Crossfire game players. Our hard working team after many days of work finally developed it with many of the working features for the new release in FPS section. It have almost all the possible features like Aimbot, Weapon Hack, Memory Hack, D3D Hack and many other options. Now you never need to worry about your account security as we can guarantee you that this Crossfire Hack is 100% Undetected if you use it in the right way we mention.

We never recommend any of our users to use all the options of this hack but still you can use organic features like Aimbot, Trigger Bot, Chams or selecting a particular part of enemy’s body like chest etc. You have to show yourself a normal player who is playing good using skills but on the other hand you can use this Crossfire Hack to increase your gaming experience and to make your kill death ratio better. You can make a new account and try these Crossfire Hack features on them and then only if you feel it safe you can go for using it on your main account. We have even given features like selecting different language if you are from different zone because this hack tool works in all countries.

We have taken many safety measures for your account security like automatic exit feature when a GM or any other moderator gets detected on your server. Its like you never need to worry about getting ban or detected by a GM or any administrative officer as this bot can detect and then finally exit your hacks for that time. We don’t recommend you to use features like Super Jump, Headshot Everytime, Distance Kill or other such easily detected feature which are not detected automatically by game but other users can take your screenshot and report you and in that case its hard to get safe. But if you use normal features like Aimbot, Trigger Bot, Chams and such features which are never detected by anyone.

Crossfire Hack Demo Video


In the above video you can see that how this Crossfire Hack will work for you and dominate your gaming experience. You can even watch this video in HD quality by using full screen mode and notice that how we are using Aimbot, Range Attack, Chams, Wall Hack and other safe feature like that in game which will never get you into trouble.


Features of Crossfire Hack and How To Use


This Crossfire Hack got many features added into it and you can use all of them using a guide comes with the download. Lets see these features that are now divided into some of the tabs for better use of experience.


Aimbot & ESP Tab

This tab contains many of the basic and important features that are even most used features while hacking in Crossfire.    Enable Aimbot – Use this option to Enable Aimbot    Auto Target Switch – Use this option to enable Auto Target    Trigger Bot – Use this option to enable Trigger Bot    Aim Bone – Select part of Body for auto target    More Options – You will get many other options for better experience in game.

D3D Tab

Below features related to D3D tab are given and described.    Wall Hack – Use this option to enable Wall Hack    Player Chams – Use this option to enable Player Chams    Glass Walls – Enable Glass Wall Hack by using this option.

Memory Hacks Tab

Memory Hacks tab got many features that are quite useful while playing game and lets have a look on them.    No Flash – This feature will help you when your enemy is using Flash Grenades or other such stuffs.    No Smoke – It can help you with Smoke Grenades & other such stuffs.    No Fall Damage – If your using features like super jump, you will need to use it.    Shoot Through Walls – You can shoot through walls but we don’t recommend to use this feature.

Weapon Hacks Tab

Weapon Hack Tabs many of the important and most used features in this hack. Lets have a look on them.    No Spread – You can use this feature to enable No Spread.    No Recoil – Help you to reduce or no recoil for any weapon.    No Weapon Weight – Help you to run more faster than other players..    Fast Weapon Change – You can change your slots faster than ever.    Fast Reload – You can reload your guns at very fast speed.

Beta Hacks Tab

This tab of Crossfire Hack got those features which are working and they are in continuously in developing mode. We never recommend to use these features but still if you are not on your main account, you can surely go for trying them out.    Speed Hack – You can now irritate your enemies using super fast speed hack.    Super Jump – Now directly jump over your enemy and give them death.    Fly Hack – Your character can now fly so it gets really hard for your enemies to kill you.

We can assure you that this Crossfire Hack will totally change your gaming experience and enhance your skills while playing it. You don’t need to spend any real money on weapons and other such stuff for increasing your skills as you can now create your ownage in game to prove yourself and kill your enemies within few minutes of time. Never forget that its not matter that from which country you are playing Crossfire as this hack works from All Regions and you can download this Crossfire Hack below.

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